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ISM was created from the experience gained by its managers from 1998 to 2005 at the A.C. Perugia Youth Academy.

Back in 2005 the AC Perugia (Serie A) project counted on 138 affiliated Clubs with a network of 80 scouts and 20 area managers responsible for overviewing the whole national territory.

Professional soccer players such as Gennaro Gattuso (AC Milan), Marco Storari (Juventus FC) and Andrea Ranocchia (Internazionale FC) grew at the AC Perugia Academy during those years.

From March 2020 ISM Academy has established an official cooperation with A.C. Perugia, becoming official responsible for the International Scouting U17 – U19, offering the players the opportunity to be signed with AC Perugia.

The last Academy players who became professionals are Han Kwang Song, Choe Song Hyok, Raul Yagubzade, Liran Rigen and Artem Onishchenko .

Professional Scouting means leaving nothing to chance and, scheduling the football market through targeted and reasoned tables, except for special occasions. It can happen to see big clubs who have obvious managerial difficulties in being able to give a logical line to the scouting process


Scouting is now more important than ever with the globalization of soccer and the vast financial rewards garnered by results, prize money, television revenue, sponsorship and, of course, player sales.

A.C. Perugia “International Scouting Project” is willing to intensify the scouting activity outside Italy expanding our Scouting Network.

Our International Scouting Network, will be available in order to organize events and TryOuts:

– At our “International Scouting Center” in Perugia;

– At your Centre, in order to identify all the best Talents;

The Scout will perform a technical selection activity, monitoring of his territory, attending matches with the objective of spotting potential players, creating (through videos and technical data sheets) the technical profile of the players who could play with A.C. Perugia.


A.C. Perugia “International Scouting Project” is an International Academy, based in Perugia, specialized in researching young talents. With the help of qualified coaches, players (around 100 players per year) have the opportunity to be prepared tactically and athletically in order to be signed by AC Perugia taking part to National Leagues.

Every year, our Academy, thanks to the work of over 30 foreign Scouts, has the opportunity to watch over 500 players and on average, around 45 players are selected by A.C. Perugia with different sales prices that can reach until 300.000 €.

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